Bloomberg Names Ten Cities, Five Countries for Road Safety Initiative

Bloomberg Names Ten Cities, Five Countries for Road Safety Initiative

has announced the names of the cities and countries selected to participate in the second phase of its .

With a new commitment of $125 million over five years, the initiative will support efforts at the national and city level to implement and strengthen road-safety legislation and proven interventions. Of the twenty cities invited to participate in the competition, ten — Accra (Ghana), Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Bandung (Indonesia), Bangkok (Thailand), Bogota (Colombia), Fortaleza (Brazil), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Mumbai (India), São Paulo (Brazil), and Shanghai (China) — will receive funding to implement various interventions, while five countries — China, India, Philippines, Thailand, and Tanzania — will receive technical assistance in support of their efforts to review and strengthen road-safety legislation.

In 2010, Bloomberg Philanthropies committed $125 million to ten countries that account for half of the world's road traffic-related deaths. Since then, six of the countries have enacted legislation designed to improve road safety.

“We can prevent millions of road traffic fatalities and injuries through stronger laws, more effective enforcement, and better infrastructure," said former New York City mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. "The ten cities selected to participate in our next five-year road-safety program have demonstrated a commitment to this work, and we are excited to support them. Road traffic deaths will become increasingly common in the years ahead, unless we take decisive action now to prevent them.”

"." Bloomberg Philanthropies Press Release 02/12/2015.