Belmont University Receives $11 Million for Health Sciences Complex

in Nashville, Tennessee, has announced a $10.5 million gift from Gordon E. Inman, a local entrepreneur and business leader, to help pay for the construction of a new complex that will house the university's College of Health Sciences & Nursing.

The college, which will be renamed the Gordon E. Inman College of Health Sciences & Nursing, will include classrooms, office space, and a large community conference center. Inman's fifty-year business career encompasses a range of activities, including residential and commercial real estate, financial services, communications and media, and hotel and shopping center development.

"We are immensely grateful for Gordon's generosity," said university president Bob Fisher. "He has been a faithful and valued trustee and advisor to the university for many decades, and we are enormously fortunate to be able to expand opportunities for students interested in nursing or other healthcare careers. This donation for our new facility will allow Belmont to grow its nursing program to six hundred students, or almost triple its current enrollment."

"I've always had a passion for Belmont because it is a Christian school with a commitment to excellence in education," said Inman. "I appreciate the school's dedication to the kind of practical and experiential learning that prepares its students for successful careers."

"." Belmont University Press Release 12/16/2004.