Barr Launches $30 Million Arts Capacity Building Initiative

Barr Launches $30 Million Arts Capacity Building Initiative

The Boston-based has announced the launch of a six-year, $30 million initiative focused on building the capacity of fifteen arts organizations in the state.

Part of the foundation's program, the ArtsAmplified initiative will provide funding to help each organization advance an ambitious project it considers important to its mission. Building on the premise that the arts are especially necessary when shifting demographics, technologies, and politics are affecting the ways people live, the organizations will use their grants to explore the confluence of four concepts that Barr considers vital to the future of arts organizations: artistic excellence, relevance, risk taking, and civic leadership.

The recipients of this first round of ArtsAmplified grants are the , , the , , , the , the , , , the , the , , , , and the .

"This initiative recognizes that presenting art that is both excellent and relevant requires that organizations have resources to be nimble and test new ideas," said Barr Foundation president James E. Canales. "They must also have the credibility and means to engage new audiences in authentic ways. And they must be resilient in the face of the risks inherent in assuming greater leadership within their communities."

"." Barr Foundation Press Release 05/01/2018.