Barr Foundation Awards $19.3 Million in 4Q Grants

Barr Foundation Awards $19.3 Million in 4Q Grants

The Boston-based has announced fourth-quarter grants totaling $19.3 million in the areas of arts and creativity, climate, education, cross-program initiatives, and special initiatives.

Through its program, the foundation awarded fifteen grants totaling nearly $12.2 million, including $2 million to , which will support the efforts of to build a strong national field of creative placemaking and strengthen practice and strategic partnerships in Massachusetts. Through its program, the foundation awarded ten grants totaling nearly $2.1 million, including $100,000 to  to support the development of a clean energy microgrid in Worcester; $30,000 to the to develop modular homes that achieve net-zero carbon emissions; and $300,000 to the , which will support three Bus Rapid Transit pilots serving more than thirty thousand riders in Arlington, Everett, Cambridge, and Watertown.

Through its program, the foundation awarded eight grants totaling $2.9 million, including $300,000 to in Rhode Island in support of a redesign of an instructional program at Central Falls High School aimed at improving student achievement and better meeting the needs of all learners; $300,000 to for a redesign planning process that seeks to transform the student experience at Waltham High School; and $150,000 to the in support of a public/private partnership aimed at dramatically increasing the pace and scale of change in education for all residents of Boston. The foundation also awarded sixteen grants totaling $3.9 million in support of its , including up to $1.2 million in support of professional and organizational development activities for its 2017 Barr Fellows, as well as organizational costs associated with each fellow's sabbatical and exploratory projects.

And through its , the foundation awarded six grants totaling $530,000 in support of community-engagement and constituency-building efforts designed to advance a long-term vision for the redevelopment of the city's the waterfront. New partners in this initiative include the , , the , , , and the .

"." Barr Foundation Press Release 12/12/2017.