Ball Brothers Foundation Awards $6.3 Million in Grants

The Ball Brothers Foundation in Muncie, Indiana, has announced grants totaling $6.3 million to seventeen nonprofit organizations in the state.

The largest number of grants will support community improvement projects in Indiana's Delaware County area. Recipients include the Greater Muncie, Indiana Habitat for Humanity, which was awarded $75,000 to equip teams building new homes and rehabilitating existing properties to serve several families; Ball State University, which was awarded $200,000 in support of its Building Better Neighborhoods initiative; and the Inside Out Community Development Corporation, which will receive $10,000 to develop a comprehensive plan to revitalize the Goldsmith Gilbert neighborhood in Muncie.

In addition, the Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County was awarded $225,000 to establish a land acquisition fund; and the Boys Scouts of America, which will receive $40,000 to repair and improve facilities at Camp Red Wing, where Scouts learn about the environment and develop leadership skills under the guidance of adult mentors.

"We're convinced that a key to economic growth in east-central Indiana is to make our communities more attractive to families," said Ball Brothers Foundation president and CEO Jud Fisher. "Physical upgrades to Muncie's core plus new and sustained outdoor amenities can give us an edge when we compete for business and industry. Companies today are very aware of their employees' expectations outside of the workplace."

For a complete list of grant recipients, visit the Ball Brothers Foundation Web site.

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