AVI CHAI Foundation Awards Nearly $2.7 Million to Jewish Theological Seminary

The has announced a five-year, $2.67 million grant from the in support of its .

The grant will support the implementation of a strategic plan designed to bolster the school's sustainability as a thought leader in the field of Jewish education. To that end, the school will invest in research on experiential education and educational technology that can be used to provide cutting-edge resources to Jewish day schools, educators, and leaders nationwide; increase its organizational capacity; and intensify the Judaic learning of its students. Established in 1994, the school has prepared more than five hundred leaders through degree-granting programs and professional development opportunities focused on administrative leadership and instruction.

"A comprehensive strategic planning process has empowered us to write a new chapter for the Davidson School, and we have set exciting goals for the leadership we will provide the field," said Zachary Lasker, director of Education Projects for the Melton Research Center for Jewish Education and the Davidson School. "The funding from AVI CHAI will enable us to optimize our reach through our core programs and to address emerging trends in Jewish education through new initiatives and research."

"." Jewish Theological Seminary Press Release 08/19/2013.