Averett University Gets Grant to Boost Regional Competitiveness

in Danville, Virginia, has announced a $1.9 million grant over five years from the to boost community engagement and competitiveness in the region.

The five-year grant will be used to establish the Center for Community Engagement and Career Competitiveness, which will serve as a regional hub for community engagement and career competitiveness efforts, including academic partnerships with and , as well as local public schools, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. The grant also will enable the university to hire staff for the center focused exclusively on service-learning, voluntarism, and career readiness programming.

"This is truly a game-changing investment, and I'm so deeply grateful to the Danville Regional Foundation and its board of directors for investing in community impact through hundreds of students — one of our region's greatest assets," said AU president Tiffany Franks. "This grant allows our students to learn from firsthand experiences in the community, bringing their liberal arts education to life both inside and outside of the classroom."