Atlantic Philanthropies Awards $3.25 Million to Expand Children's Access to Health Coverage

The has announced a $3.25 million grant from to help increase children's access to health insurance.

The grant will be used by NLC to launch the Cities Expanding Children's Access to Health Care project, a three-year initiative aimed at helping municipalities maximize the participation of uninsured children in Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program by addressing barriers such as lack of awareness and complicated application and renewal processes. Under the initiative, which is part of Atlantic's , NLC's will provide in-depth technical assistance to municipal leaders and local partners as they develop data-driven action plans for maximizing youth enrollment in public health insurance programs.

NLC will hold two regional leadership academies this summer to provide training and peer learning opportunities for up to twenty teams. From that group, a smaller number of teams will be selected to receive additional technical assistance and up to $30,000 in funding to develop strategic plans for increasing children's access to health coverage. In the spring of 2014, NLC will select up to six cities to receive continued assistance and two-year grants averaging $260,000 per team to implement their plans.

"Cities have a major stake in the health of their communities," said NLC president Marie Lopez Rogers. "There are currently seven million uninsured children in the U.S. who are at risk of receiving inadequate medical care and experiencing poor health outcomes. This new initiative seeks to combat this inequity, and NLC looks forward to helping city leaders increase children's access to health insurance coverage."

"." National League of Cities Press Release 01/28/2013.