Asia Society Hong Kong Center Receives $12.9 Million for Arts

Robert Miller, co-founder of Duty Free Shoppers, today known as the , will donate $12.9 million (HK$100 million) to the in support of local artists, the reports.

The gift will be used to establish the center's Miller Gallery and Miller Theatre — created in 2004 with a $3 million gift from Miller — as an incubator for the Hong Kong art scene. To that end, the gallery, which will be renamed the Chantal Miller Gallery in honor of Miller's wife, and the theater will commission works from local artists and will promote those artists through collaborations as well as exhibits and performances at the Asia Society's centers and offices around the globe.

Miller, a trustee emeritus of the Asia Society, was born in Quincy, Massachusetts, and settled in Hong Kong in 1960, where today he runs an investment firm.

"The donation will also enable emerging talents to hone their skill sets by collaborating with seasoned artists and to have a platform where they can showcase that work to the Hong Kong audience," Miller told the Morning Post. "I hope this donation will encourage other potential donors to come forward. Philanthropy in the arts in Hong Kong, if better funded, will open up the many different facets of the art the local audience."

Vivienne Chew. "." South China Morning Post 05/08/2014.