Ashoka U Receives $1.1 Million From Moxie Foundation

has announced a $1.1 million grant from the to expand its efforts to promote social entrepreneurship programs at colleges and universities around the world.

With the funds, Ashoka U, in partnership with the Moxie Foundation, will work over the next three years to remove barriers to institutional change at institutions of higher education and foster campus-wide cultures of social innovation that create lasting change for future generations of students.

In addition to the initiative, Ashoka U will continue to support and grow its , a network of institutions dedicated to driving social change by transforming the educational experience.

"Innovation is not just an exercise in thinking about solving a problem," said Irwin Zahn, CEO and chair of the Moxie Foundation and founder of the General Staple Company, which later became Autosplice, Inc. "You do it. That's the critical thing."

"." Ashoka U Press Release 09/01/2014.