Annenberg Foundation Launches Program to Train Nonprofit Leaders

The Los Angeles-based has launched a new multimillion-dollar program designed to help train nonprofit leaders, the reports.

, as the program is called, is an extension of the foundation's leadership seminars, which in the past few years have helped nonprofit leaders reorganize their organizations and raise funds more effectively. "During this tough time, it provides a focus on resiliency," said Annenberg Foundation executive director Leonard Aube, "so that nonprofits feel stronger and more empowered to tackle their own goals."

Officials from more than a hundred organizations in Southern California operating with annual budgets of less than $2 million are expected to take part in the program, which requires the executive director and up to two board members to attend two-day seminars in January, February, and March.

In part, the program will work to give these leaders a realistic picture of what nonprofits can expect regarding their ability to attract and retain volunteer leaders. "If you go back historically in the last twenty years, the number of Fortune 500 companies that have been headquartered in Los Angeles has changed dramatically," said Aube. "There's been a mass exodus of these companies, and it was the senior management that had a vested interest in local nonprofits. The pool for qualified board members has changed."

Alie Ward. "." Los Angeles Times 01/19/2010.