Amherst College Receives $50 Million Gift From Anonymous Donor

Amherst College Receives $50 Million Gift From Anonymous Donor

in Amherst, Massachusetts, has received a $50 million gift from an anonymous donor in support of its comprehensive fundraising campaign.

The five-year, $625 million includes support for a new interdisciplinary science center, the largest capital project in the school's history, as well as funding for additional faculty positions in the mathematical, physical, and biological sciences. The campaign also will bolster need-based scholarships and other forms of support for students, continuing Amherst's commitment to equity in the opportunities students have once they are enrolled.

In April, the liberal arts college received a $100 million gift from an anonymous alumnus in conjunction with the launch of the campaign.

"The extraordinary generosity of our donors makes it possible for this gem of a college to provide students with the best possible education, one that has close colloquy between faculty with students at its heart," said Amherst president Biddy Martin. "The priorities of our Promise campaign are straightforward and focused on the fundamentals of great education — a faculty of distinguished scholars who treat teaching as a calling, financial aid that allows us to enroll promising students regardless of means, curricular and pedagogical experimentation, new approaches to career exploration, and more creative ways of building and enjoying community. This generous gift will ensure that we can continue to develop independent, versatile, and creative thinkers."

"." Amherst College Press Release 09/10/2018.