Alzheimer’s Association Receives $1 Million From Sigma Kappa

The has announced a $1 million lead gift from the in support of the Women's Alzheimer's Research Initiative.

The gift will fund research on Alzheimer's with a focus on women, including studies to understand why more women are living with the disease than are men, as well as studies led by female researchers working to advance Alzheimer's and dementia science. Of the five million Americans living with Alzheimer’s, two-thirds are women, while 60 percent of Alzheimer's caregivers are also women.

In 2014, after the foundation had pledged to raise $1 million within five years, Carolyn Tieger, a trustee of the foundation, challenged her sorority sisters to raise $500,000 within two years, which she would match. "I have never been more proud to be a Sigma Kappa," said Tieger. "Our gift...will jump start the Women’s Research Initiative and provide hope to millions of Alzheimer's victims and their families."

"." Alzheimer’s Association Press Release 07/20/2016.