Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Expands Minority Mentoring Program

The has announced that it will partner with the and the to create University Centers of Exemplary Mentoring on their respective campuses.

Initiated through the foundation's , an initiative to identify universities with a proven track record of educating minority graduate students in STEM disciplines, the partnerships will support efforts by the two universities to expand, strengthen, and institutionalize the recruitment, mentoring, and professional development of minorities. To that end, each university will receive a three-year grant to create and operate a UCEM, with most of the funds earmarked for the direct support of students and professional development. Combined with earlier awards totaling almost $3 million to , the , and , the grants bring the foundation's support for the creation of UCEMs nationwide to $4.7 million.

"The University of Iowa and the University of South Florida are developing creative, comprehensive, institution-wide programs to support minority students in STEM," said Sloan Foundation program director Dr. Elizabeth S. Boylan. "From the classroom, to the lab, to the provost’s office, these institutions are creating environments where minority STEM students can not only succeed, but thrive."

In addition to the two grants, the foundation also announced that it has designated six graduate departments as Programs of Exemplary Mentoring and will support their efforts to expand their outreach to minority scholars with grants of $60,000. For a list of the six departments, visit the Sloan Foundation Web site.

"." Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Press Release 04/16/2014.