2012 Disaster Funding by Major U.S. Foundations Totaled $111 Million

2012 Disaster Funding by Major U.S. Foundations Totaled $111 Million

Large U.S. foundations awarded grants totaling $111 million for disaster relief and recovery in 2012, a new report from and the finds.

Based on an analysis of grants of $10,000 or more reported by a thousand of the largest U.S. foundations, the report, (52 pages, PDF), found that 234 foundations awarded 884 grants for natural and manmade disasters and humanitarian crises in 2012. In a year that saw Hurricanes Sandy and Isaac, wildfires in Colorado, tornadoes in the Midwest and South, drought in West Africa, famine in Somalia, and flooding in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Thailand, natural disasters received the largest share (58 percent) of disaster grants ($64.9 million), followed by humanitarian disasters (11 percent/$12.1 million) and manmade accidents (2 percent/$2.1 million).

According to the study, the headed the list of disaster funders ($17.9 million), followed by the ($7.8 million) and ($5.4 million) foundations, while the top ten grant recipients included the ($12.7 million), ($4.7 million), and ($4.6 million).

Funded by the , the report includes case studies of three disasters — the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and the 2011 tornado in Joplin, Missouri — as well as profiles of three foundations that are taking an innovative approach to disaster philanthropy: the , the , and the . As part of the project, Foundation Center and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy will launch an online data platform in 2015.

"The data network and resulting website can help shift how organizations understand, prepare for, and respond to disasters," said Foundation Center president Bradford K. Smith. "Our goal is to empower donors to make more effective giving decisions related to disasters and ultimately improve the practice of philanthropy through better coordination and transparency."

"." Foundation Center and Center for Disaster Philanthropy Press Release 12/11/2014.