$170 Million Pledged in Support of Veterans, Military Families

$170 Million Pledged in Support of Veterans, Military Families

The has announced that thirty-three philanthropic organizations and corporations have pledged more than $170 million over five years in support of services for veterans and military families.

Launched in response to the White House's initiative, the includes commitments from twenty-eight foundations and nonprofits as well as five corporations in support of efforts in the areas of education, employment, homelessness, community integration, and wellness among service members, veterans, and their families. Initiated by the and the , , and foundations; the Council on Foundations Veteran's Advisory Group members; and participants in the White Oak Conference hosted by , the campaign aims to create a community of funders around veterans' issues and build support for programs at the community level. Commitments announced include $20 million from , $1 million from the Blue Shield of California Foundation, and $100,000 from the .

COF also announced the creation of the Veterans Philanthropy Exchange, a digital platform where philanthropic funders can share best practices and resources, and the possibility of a collaborative investing platform where foundations would be able to align their investments with investments by public and private partners to achieve greater collective impact.

"As our men and women in uniform come home, philanthropy stands beside them to help them carry their mission forward into their home towns," said Council on Foundations president and CEO Vikki Spruill. "The foundations who made pledges today have funded programs that create affordable housing, provide new health interventions, address domestic violence, and expand economic opportunities for veterans and military families. With the proper support and a united community behind them, our veterans will continue to strengthen and advance our nation."

For a complete list of that have made commitments, visit the Council on Foundations Web site.

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