100 Resilient Cities, Columbia Launch Resilience Accelerator Project

100 Resilient Cities, Columbia Launch Resilience Accelerator Project

, a movement pioneered by the , in partnership with the at Columbia University (GSAPP), has announced the launch of the Resilience Accelerator.

Rockefeller will provide a $3.7 million grant in support of the initiative, which was announced at the Ninth Session of the World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur. Over the next two years, the initiative will use the funds to fast-track eight projects and invest in high-priority resilience projects in 100RC member cities. It also will work closely with the Center for Resilient Cities and Landscapes at Columbia, 100RC, and global experts to expedite projects that can help cities survive, adapt to, and confront chronic stresses and acute shocks.

Beginning this spring, 100RC member cities will be invited to submit projects for potential intervention through the initiative, with two finalists selected each semester to collaborate with experts, scholars, and Columbia graduate students. After projects have been submitted for consideration, the initiative will identify opportunities and planning challenges through a series of immersive workshops, seminars, and design studios co-organized by GSAPP.

"We have worked with cities across the world to bring together governments, NGOs, and the private sector to initiate and find solutions to the greatest urban challenges, and now it's time to make them a reality," said 100RC president Michael Berkowitz. "The Resilience Accelerator will identify key moments in a project's lifecycle where we can bring people together to connect expertise, create more funding and investment opportunities, and produce better resilience outcomes. Our partnership with Columbia GSAPP will allow us to help cities test what works and create innovative designs that can serve as blueprints for urban leaders everywhere."

"." 100 Resilient Cities Press Release 02/11/2018.